Handmade Craft :Paper Garden


Handmade paper garden ,Pretty cool and crazy right !!..I think so because I love beautiful sceneries , cool weather and  green landscapes  . I feel peaceful and really love nature . So now you can imagine how it might have been for me without those for few years . It was work and home ,work and home ,I missed the walks in park ,bright leaves everywhere . City life was good for work but for my heart I missed the things I loved . Later on I started making these cute plants and trees using some normal papers around me ,finally this hobby paid off . 

One day in the evening I arranged few of them and it took my breath away . It looked beautiful ,I took lot of selfies and this happened couple of years back . In here I'm gonna share with you about this beautiful Handmade paper garden . I'm not professional crafter before so I just made these with the materials that were available to be back then .
 Usually when I make these flowers I just go with my imaginat…

Handmade crafts :Peony buds in a bottle vase

Peony buds flowers in a bottle vase
Peonies are beautiful flowers used in various  decorations . A beautiful garden flower ,Peony inspired  crafts are everywhere nowadays . Last time I saw some silk peonies ,were in a mall and it costed me a lot of bucks  just to get a bunch them , couldn't resist the urge to buy those anyways . It was really cute and I gifted it to one of my friends on her wedding wrapped in a nice golden net .( I did get her a  real present ) These flowers are used as wedding decorations, parties and many other events . Very long time back I thought these were Roses .. Last night I read about it and learned that there are more than a dozen of different peony types  ..each one much prettier and colors that vary from each other . It's an interesting flower for all crafters .  They are such inspiration.  
Few months ago I made this piece ,I think it looks like peony buds . So I named it so .
There was an old empty almond glass bottle which I saved for my hobby an…

Crepe paper craft :Blooming Blue flower tree

Handmade paper tree projectSomething Blue .... A short tree blooming with flowers 

Everyone loves a large centerpiece during wedding ceremonies ,holiday parties ,or simply a single piece decorating our simple rooms.

 I personally love a colorful background while taking my selfies 😁😁😁😁 I mean who doesnt right !!! It just makes living alone or dinner for 2 a lot nicer . And even better is a wonderful meal shared with entire family that  will fetch a lot of deep from the heart comments .

Here is a nice 4 feet tall real branch from our backward adorned with crepe paper leaves and cheerful Blue flowers stuck on the side branches ,even without the flowers the solitary tree looked beautiful..

Solitary tree without flowers    Cute branch of crepe paper flowers 

I actually began by making small branches with the exact same Blue flowers for decorating the wall ,like the one below. I'll update diy instructions for each and every craft posts very soon ..Its not difficult like you probably mig…


Handmade Tissue paper flowers

For any large flowers ,filler flowers are important to elevate the beauty . Inorder to make a simple flower look a lot better ,filler flowers play a good role . Not only does these flowers look adorable ,they easy fill a lot of space like their name suggests also provides a perfect background for the main flower. Since these are usually small ,they are really cute .
I made a bunch of them to use as a light background for my paper Roses ,They did a great job . On their own in a basket or pot they look perfect . I used a earthen pot to display them ,it looked awesome . Nowadays I just set them along with whatever flowers I make . These baby flowers are very easy to make . 
You will need materials that are easily available .  I used tissue paper for flowers and crepe paper for leaves . It looked pretty ,I did some research on the exact leaves looked ,although I got the idea ,I simply went with the usual leaf shape . Doesn't really matter as long as our craft…

Coconut tree parts and wonderful crafts

Amazing crafts with Coconut spathe and fluorescence  1) Coconut caps into beautiful Wild Roses 

Handmade Wild Roses and Paper leaves 
Anyone ever wonder how beautiful and unique each and every flowers are  that are found in nature ...well,I have and I have also observed that there is no way man -made flowers are going  to look as good . But God blessed us and told us that we are capable of great things ,so maybe we can perhaps make beautiful flowers ,but can we make it grow ? I don't think so ,But that didn't stop me from trying  desperately to make these flowers with materials that were available to me .  Especially because I love nature and everything in it I  love  flowers and trees the most of all in God's creation ,Love and thank God  for putting such care in creating every little flowers,every single greens .
Now about this post ,  Most commonly seen products are made from coconut shells ,and the caps are made into potpourri .
I thought I'll make these Coconut caps  …

4 most beautiful crepe paper Roses crafts

Most beautiful paper Roses “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. Luke 12 :27
All about Roses Hello my dear fellow bloggers ,nice to share some crepe paper craft ideas with you all.
True to the above verse flowers are a wonderful gift to humanity . They are pleasant to look at and marvellous in their structure. So many flowers and so little time to observe them all. 

In this post I like to share with you all some of the beautiful flowers we can make ourselves using paper and some cheap materials . Instead of buying expensive or decorative items we can make our own unique items to display .

In here I'll post 5 most beautiful Roses I made using crepe paper . It's so simple and yet elegant . Being a new blog I'm excited and having a lot of fun and confusions as well . I want to give you as much in formations as possible ,so you can make these with as much hassle as possib…

Beautiful handmade paper pink blossom tree

Hello everyone ,
Today is a wonderful day and I'm going to share with you all some of the paper  trees and plant crafts I made over the past few years and later on I'll add diy procedures for each of the flowers , Its going to be so much fun .At the time when I made all these I had no idea that i was going to put them in a blog so forgive the photography .
Everyone prefers a good ambiance at home and pine for a good looking interior decor at some time ,so instead of wasting so much money on such times ,why not utilize the available materials in nature and handcraft the flowers of your choice more efficiently and more creatively . Not only does it offers lot of piece of mind ,it brings the family together and closer . It sure does bring a lot of compliments . It is a great way to include kids in these projects as well. what better way is there to bond with them than spending time with them..Anyways some of these crafts does require patience .But its worth it .