Crepe paper yellow bloom flowers diy

Handmade crepe paper flower craft Yellow bloom paper flower bunch-Diy 
Yellow was never my favourite colour before I made these beautiful paper flowers ..They were absolutely gorgeous I mounted them on a wooden piece that my dad carved out of an old but strong wood .. it was a perfect combo! Now I have to tell you all that I started making videos on these flowers ,love it if you all checked it out ..It's so easy to make them ,if you have little time to spare then make them in small bunches untill you have enough to beautify your rooms . Let's see the process of this fun flower craft ,handmade stuffs are best .
How to make these beautiful yellow flowers in full bloom ,hmm in case you are wondering ,here's how ...

Materials required
Crepe paper -3 colours
(Green ,yellow lemon,chrome yellow )
Scissors ✂
Glue (fevicol)
Floral tape
Flexible stem wires
A vase or Base or any holders to mount or display flowers
Step by step method 1) Make all the materials listed above ready on…

Beautiful Paper Mangolia flowers

Paper flower crafts  -Handmade crepe paper Magnolia -DiyMagnolia flowers are one of the world's most beautiful flowers found in universe and lately I have developed some sort of obsession over these blossoms. If only I could grow these trees in my garden ,ooohh that would be lovely ,but our climate wouldn't favour that and so closer to that, is my crafty projects ,very glad I have them. Really soothes me and real fun hobby . So simple to make these .let's take a look at the basic materials needed to make these flowers.
Materials required Crepe paper -3 colors
Glue (fevicol)
Glue gun
Pink crayons
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Natural branch

Steps by step procedure 1)Prepare all the required materials listed above .
2 )Shade the lighter side of the crepe paper with pink crayon 3)Cut out many petals , few leaves is sufficient , orange or yellow pollen
4)Take a small ball of cotton and wrap ,mould it and stick with piece of orange paper as shown below 5)Stick th…

Paper Rose bushes - Handmade paper crafts

Paper Rose bushes in plastic vase 

I thought this was a perfect day to make a Beautiful Rose bush  from paper , set it up in 2 cute little plastic pots . It looked soo cute . When I finally finished this Rose bush paper project I felt happy and wanted to display it on my dinning  table .
But fortunately one of my neighbour asked for it . I had to give her . Really miss those .. but next time I'm going to make them look even better . Take a look at these wonderful projects. Aren't they beautiful and life like . I think so too . The next time I make these I'm going to make a video of the process and post for all of you to try . It's very easy and looked gorgeous . It's great way to use our time wisely ,makes our homes look a lot better  . I clicked some pictures outdoors under the sunlight,and these handmade crepe paper Rose bushes looked fresh and lively ,looking at the finished project lifted my spirit up and brought a glow to my soul .
This time I wowed myself  becau…

Handmade Craft :Paper Garden


Handmade paper garden ,Pretty cool and crazy right !!..I think so because I love beautiful sceneries , cool weather and  green landscapes  . I feel peaceful and really love nature . So now you can imagine how it might have been for me without those for few years . It was work and home ,work and home ,I missed the walks in park ,bright leaves everywhere . City life was good for work but for my heart I missed the things I loved . Later on I started making these cute plants and trees using some normal papers around me ,finally this hobby paid off . 

One day in the evening I arranged few of them and it took my breath away . It looked beautiful ,I took lot of selfies and this happened couple of years back . In here I'm gonna share with you about this beautiful Handmade paper garden . I'm not professional crafter before so I just made these with the materials that were available to be back then .
 Usually when I make these flowers I just go with my imaginat…

Handmade crafts :Peony buds in a bottle vase

Peony buds flowers in a bottle vase
Peonies are beautiful flowers used in various  decorations . A beautiful garden flower ,Peony inspired  crafts are everywhere nowadays . Last time I saw some silk peonies ,were in a mall and it costed me a lot of bucks  just to get a bunch them , couldn't resist the urge to buy those anyways . It was really cute and I gifted it to one of my friends on her wedding wrapped in a nice golden net .( I did get her a  real present ) These flowers are used as wedding decorations, parties and many other events . Very long time back I thought these were Roses .. Last night I read about it and learned that there are more than a dozen of different peony types  ..each one much prettier and colors that vary from each other . It's an interesting flower for all crafters .  They are such inspiration.  
Few months ago I made this piece ,I think it looks like peony buds . So I named it so .
There was an old empty almond glass bottle which I saved for my hobby an…

Crepe paper craft :Blooming Blue flower tree

Handmade paper tree projectSomething Blue .... A short tree blooming with flowers 

Everyone loves a large centerpiece during wedding ceremonies ,holiday parties ,or simply a single piece decorating our simple rooms.

 I personally love a colorful background while taking my selfies 😁😁😁😁 I mean who doesnt right !!! It just makes living alone or dinner for 2 a lot nicer . And even better is a wonderful meal shared with entire family that  will fetch a lot of deep from the heart comments .

Here is a nice 4 feet tall real branch from our backward adorned with crepe paper leaves and cheerful Blue flowers stuck on the side branches ,even without the flowers the solitary tree looked beautiful..

Solitary tree without flowers    Cute branch of crepe paper flowers 

I actually began by making small branches with the exact same Blue flowers for decorating the wall ,like the one below. I'll update diy instructions for each and every craft posts very soon ..Its not difficult like you probably mig…


Handmade Tissue paper flowers

For any large flowers ,filler flowers are important to elevate the beauty . Inorder to make a simple flower look a lot better ,filler flowers play a good role . Not only does these flowers look adorable ,they easy fill a lot of space like their name suggests also provides a perfect background for the main flower. Since these are usually small ,they are really cute .
I made a bunch of them to use as a light background for my paper Roses ,They did a great job . On their own in a basket or pot they look perfect . I used a earthen pot to display them ,it looked awesome . Nowadays I just set them along with whatever flowers I make . These baby flowers are very easy to make . 
You will need materials that are easily available .  I used tissue paper for flowers and crepe paper for leaves . It looked pretty ,I did some research on the exact leaves looked ,although I got the idea ,I simply went with the usual leaf shape . Doesn't really matter as long as our craft…